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+ "Stella is such a gem!!! A truly fabulous teacher with tons of knowledge and, above all, willingness and passion to share it. She has a very unique ability to connect with others and explain in a very understandable and concise way all the theoretical and practical stuff. She is also an excellent hands on teacher who makes frequent corrections that are so crucial in a good yoga practice. She is an amazing person on top of that, with lots of empathy & enthusiasm. Stella is the best teacher I have ever had"

"I love Stella's classes, not just because they challenge me physically and mentally, but most of all because of her awesome smile. I know it sounds weird, but you can hear it when someone is smiling and talking. Yoga is something that some people take so seriously, and of course there's a place for that, but when I go to Stella's classes I always feel a sense of lightness and always float out on this zen-like cloud. Feel pretty blessed I get to practice Stella's classes." - Lola Berry

+ "Stella is a wonderful mix of spirituality fused with tangible connection. Her style of teaching is a beautiful marriage of worlds coming together, uniting mind, body and soul.  Always eloquently spoken, her alignment and philosophical cues are as precisely tuned as her openness to have a laugh and play.

She has a wonderful personable manner, sometimes reciting profound messages or handing out little notes, a gift to take into the day.  I look forward to Stella's classes knowing I'll be moved in grace, while experiencing deep inner shifts and flowing prana!" - Yasmin 

+ "Stella.. is a perfect mix of informative, fun and laid back while making sure what she is explaining gets across to everyone in the class"
+ "You radiate such joy when you teach" - Michele 

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