Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Friday Night Sessions - This Friday! YIN BLISS xo

There's just 3 spaces left in the Friday Night Summer Sessions YIN WORKSHOP I'm running this Friday at Balmain Buddha Massage & Yoga! Are you ready for 2 hours of bliss and chilling?

Book and pay here
Then come along and feel all the space in the world at your fingertips! ‪#‎yin‬‪#‎yoga‬ ‪#‎bliss‬

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

On The Edge // Self Care

So we're well into 2016 but I must say, instead of jumping around being full of beans, and dreams, and hope, I'm limping around and I'm Tired. With a capital T. I'm burnt out, my knee recovery is damn hard, mentally and physically, and I've come to the space where there's nothing to do now but prioritise self care.
This is what #selfcare looks like: It looks like having to say no to some things, and saying yes to other stuff - like rest, space and downtime. It looks like missing out some stuff you love, in order to fill your cup, heal your body, and take care of your spirit.
So that means I'm taking a wee break from yoga teaching - which might not come as a huge surprise to anyone who's seen me lately. I can't do the physical poses which used to be my life salve, I'm constantly icing my leg after class because it hurts, and my heart is a bit battered with it all.
But hey, this is life right? And oh, THIS IS YOGA!
Being present to what is, even when it's tricky and sticky and not at all how we would like it to be. I'm still teaching a few classes here and there because you know, rent and all, and teaching a few as opposed to my normal full schedule will allow me to do most of the recovery I need, plus allow me to sit, elevate and ice every spare moment I'm not up and about.
What's your self care looking like lately my yogi pals? Are you listening and taking what you need? Even if it's not always what you might want?
With love xo

Thursday, January 07, 2016

After The Accident

This morning saw a return to the physio appointments for 2016, and while I was feeling quite strong and that progress is happening (which it is), post-session I'm feeling a little deflated. Some things are still not on track, some niggles are still hindering my recovery, and while my physio is brilliant and totally the person I want on my side in this process, his thinking face sometimes makes me feel a little tender and disappointed (in me).
But no point hating on one's body right? Not so useful. Especially when it needs some cheering.
So it was quite fitting I randomly came across this post right after my sesssion. A little reminder for us all:

Even good drivers in the morning rain don't see the other car coming.
Paint nicks. Glass cracks.
One world ends before another.
You are not safe.
So remember what your mother has told you:
Effect is the noun. Affect is the verb.
When in doubt, leave out the comma.
Add salt. Use butter.
Never serve food you haven't tasted first.
Rinse stains in cold water.
Sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow
but soon and for the rest of your life.
You'll see.
In springtime, flowers bloom.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Hello Burnout My Old Friend

Well this is one post I absolutely did not expect to be whipping up.

Yes, my old pal burnout has made a reappearance. I kind of knew it was happening on some level, but it looks and feels a little different to the great adrenal burnout of 2010-2014 so it took me a little by surprise.
But a big year of unexpected peaks and troughs, rounded out with the 'accident' and ACL reconstruction, chronic pain slash discomfort and daily physiotherapy has taken its toll, I suppose.
And here we are.
I've finally had a moment to breathe, in these few days off over Xmas and NY, and picked up the computer today to start the google search - "healing adrenal burnout", "burnout diet" and all the usual searches went in. And yes, they pulled up some great sites and resources, they also pulled up a lot of "easily cure your burnout with this one step" or things of that ilk. And honestly, that 'quick fix', fast-acting answer is NOT what I'm after.
I'm after stillness.
I have already made an appointment with my most life-changing and lovely naturopath Renee Naturally for next week - she's the one who helped me 3 years into my burnout the first time! - and I've upped the acupuncture. My acupuncturist this week told me the (slow but spot on) answer that MUST be part of my healing - meditation.
Just secretly, I've not been able to do a DOT or PINCH or SNIPPET of meditation at all since my accident. I have tried, and go into anxiety and panic attacks so stop immediately. Being with ME right now is hard work. There's pain, sadness, anxiety, and overwhelm.
Which is exactly why I need meditation. So I've pulled out the favourite new app, sat down today for 10 minutes, and fidgeted the whole way through. But here we go. It's on again, the slow and gentle and loving path to healing and reconnecting.
This shit is not easy. If only it was "just do some meditation and you'll be right". There is no quick answer. There is just time and more time and trying this and redesigning that and going over and over again. But I suppose it all comes down to just starting. Getting off the stress treadmill, and stepping into self-compassion. Not easy, but simple. Not fun, but a must.
Kinda fitting for a new year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Handstands do not a yogi make!

Yoga is about connection - about being real, about being human. It's awesome to have a strong body, but you can do the handstands and still be a dick / you can drink the green smoothies and still be unkind / you can present one picture out of a thousand and portray something not so real or honest.
I love this video x

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Spring YIn Workshop - 21 Nov

Yin + Meditation Workshop ~ Sat 21 Nov. 1-3pm.

Yes! A gentle re-introduction to all things bliss and loving as I return from knee surgery and right into a beautiful Spring Yin workshop at Yogatime Bondi.

I'd love to have you along! Keen? Come on and book in xo πŸ™πŸƒπŸŒΏπŸŒŸ ‪#‎yinyoga‬ ‪#‎yogalove‬ ‪#‎bliss‬ ‪#‎yoga‬

Monday, November 02, 2015

Hard Hard Good Hard

Since I wrote my last post, I've had knee surgery (ACL Reconstruction) and have been bed bound for a week - a week today! I knew it would be hard, everyone said how painful it'd be, but I kinda thought I'd be in bed but mentally ok - after all: have wi-fi, will be occupied.

But on the downlow, I have never felt such excruciating pain in my entire life how I have this last week. Words can't even describe it.

I know this surgery is pretty common, but holy hell, you know when you start shaking because you're in so much pain? I was like that for 3 days, and on hard core pain killers, and still just in absolute shock.

But it's a week today since surgery and I'm cutting down on the pain killers, and I'm walking around (oh so slow so so slow) a couple of metres here and there and yesterday I even crossed the road (at the lights, and juuuuust made it before the lights turned!) - and needed an afternoon nap to recover from the big expedition but change is happening.

I thought I'd be blogging and writing and getting all inspired - bed bound, but productive.

But honestly, today is the first day I've even picked up my computer. And this post is less than thrilling ;) But baby steps is what I'm learning. Baby steps. Like I say in Yin, things are always moving and shifting - small as they may be. But if we keep showing up, we will keep transforming.

So here's to showing up, getting through pain - both head, heart and body - and doing what needs to be done. Sometimes, just breathing through it all is enough. Today, that is enough.

With love xo

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